Moving to the Rousseau School Website

Hello Ram-blings subscribers!

Thank you for your support during our start-up this year. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet several parents, start to get to know the students and work alongside the staff.

I would also like to thank you for subscribing to Ram-blings. Communication between home and school is essential for the success of our students. One of the steps that will be taken to facilitate the ease of this communication is to move the information you are receiving from Ram-blings to the Rousseau School Website. I would like to thank the staff and some members of School Council for their input into the decision to make this move.

Why are we making this move?

By using the school website as an entry point for communication, students, parents, staff and community members will be able to find “all things Rousseau” in one location. I strongly encourage all Rousseau families, staff and community members to subscribe to this website. Click to take you to the subscription page. Subscribing to the school website will not only provide you with information about our school but it will also offer you the opportunity to receive information from HWDSB through the option of subscribing to the HWDSB website. Whenever either one of these websites are updated, subscribers will receive an email stating the change at a maximum rate of one notification per day.

Thank you again for your support with this transition. See you over at

Thank you & Good-bye

What a wonderful end to the year! Thank you to all our families for your generosity. It was a pleasure hearing about some of your highlights over the past five years. Earlier in the week your children shared their memories and not only filled but “over-flowed” my bucket. These memories, that elicited both laughter and a few tears, is what made serving the Rousseau community a pleasure. It seems during the final week there were “happenings” at Rousseau I knew nothing about:-) Thank you for the beautiful gift of jewelry as well as the gift card from Cavallo Nero. I hope we see some Rousseau families when we are there!

It is now time to say a final good-bye. This is my final Ram-blings post. It’s hard to believe that Ram-blings is three years old and contains over 500 posts. It really has been a “window” into what makes Rousseau a wonderful place to be!

Thank you for the memories,
Susan Bosher
(aka: Safety Susan)


Class Placements & Embracing Change

We are almost at the end of another year. The end of the year brings many emotions. I experienced a few myself today:-) Although change is “good” it can be a hard adjustment for both young and those not so young. Please take some time tonight to have a coaching conversation with your child about the class placements they will receive tomorrow. There will be change this year in all classes from ELP, due to the smaller class with a single teacher, right up to grade 5. Our grade 6s have been thinking about and beginning their transition to ASPS. Their uniforms arrived today. They will be very stylish next year! Class placements are final as you will read on the newsletter tomorrow, and are based on the Board projections. If the numbers change significantly over the summer reorganization will happen which brings about more change. The more we work with our children and support them through these changes the stronger they will be in the future.

Final Pizza Day Tomorrow

Yes…there is pizza tomorrow for students that receive weekly pizza. Mrs. Bennett and her students wanted to make it easy for you right to the very end. Thank you to Mrs. Bennett and the team for giving up their nutrition break every Thursday to perform this act of service and leadership.

Fun Fair Thank You!

On behalf of School Council: Fun Fair THANK YOU

As a staff we would also like to extend our thanks for this wonderful event. It takes a whole year to plan for this one evening of fun, fun, fun! Your willingness to do this year after year is appreciated. Many of the fond memories that your children shared with me today (more to come about that) included the Fun Fair. Thank you!

Hamilton Public Library

Every summer, Hamilton Public Library takes part in the TD Summer Reading Club. Our goal is to engage all children to read throughout the summer. Get your Summer Reading Club Badge and track the books you have read.  We have a club for every age:

Storybook Club (Ages birth-5):

The Storybook Club brings parents and children together to share the joy of reading.  Read together over the summer and your child will earn books and other goodies from the treasure chest.

Summer Readers (Ages 5-12):

Summer Readers encourages children to have fun while reading.  Kids who read over the summer can earn books and other goodies from the treasure chest and track their reading online for more great prizes.

Reading Buddies (Finished Grade 1 to Age 12):

Reading Buddies helps children practice their reading skills with a buddy.  Kids are paired with a volunteer Reading Buddy for individual attention with help reading.  Reading Buddies helps children learn that reading is a fun and rewarding experience that can be shared with family and friends.  

Summer Reading 2014 %40 HPL (2)

Track & Field Tomorrow

Dear Rousseau Families,

HWDSB Track and Field Meet is tomorrow.  Here are a few reminders for the day;

Rousseau Track and Field team members are to report to the gym around 8:50 am.

Please come dressed in a red Rousseau t-shirt (if you own one).  Students will be able to borrow a school shirt when they get to the gym in the morning.

Bus to leave Rousseau between 9-9:15 and to return between 2-2:30.

Students are encouraged to bring sunscreen, hats, water and any other sun protection items.  Students will be continually reminded to re-apply sunscreen, seek shade and drink fluids.

Please do not take your child home without making sure Mr. Peter’s has made note of it on a napkin, his hand or other stationery:-)

Here is a link to the schedule of events for the day.  In my experience they run very close to the schedule, and often run ahead.  If you are planning on coming to watch, I would advise coming before the scheduled time.

Track and Field Schedule

Mohawk Sports Complex

Silent Auction

Thank you to everyone who participated in the silent auction.  We raised over $3500 with the silent auction this year.  This was made possible through the efforts of parent volunteers gathering items and requesting donations from local businesses.  I would also like to thank the organizations and businesses who donated to our school and of course those people who bought items at the auction last Friday.
All items need to be picked up this Friday after school.  I will be in the playground against the fence closest to the parking lot at 330.  Please bring cash or cheque to pick up your items if you have been contacted.
There are a few items that were not bid on.  Please see the attached list of items that are now up for auction on-line.  If any of these items interest you please e-mail me your bid by 1pm Friday (tomorrow).  Please include your phone number with your bid so that I can contact you between 1 and 3.  These items also need to be picked up Friday at 330 at the school.
Natalie Booth